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Surf Camp supports 13 year old boy to become a surf pro

Felix Martins dos Santos is a 13 years old boy from Itacaré, Brazil and his dream is to become a professional surfer. Like so many other kids in Brazil, he grows up watching the older kids surfing on the beach of his home town Itacaré. Getting inspired by his older brother, Alanderson Martins, who already made his way up to become a professional surfer, 3 years ago he grabs an old board and trys to surf as well. Growing up in a big family with 5 brothers and 3 sisters it's not always easy for him to get what he wants. But his passion for surfing grows and nothing can stop him. Felix improves very fast and starts with small surf competitions in the region around Itacaré. Only a year ago our surf instructor Thiago gets aware of how Felix is surfing and how fast he is improving his surf technique. As Felix and his family don't have enough money to support him he is not able to go to as many competitions as he could. So EasyDrop starts supporting him. He get's a surfboard and a lycra and we support him if he needs to pay the competition fee or for food and travel to surf the competition. He is training with Surf Accociation in Itacarè, and on weekends and holidays he joins the surf lessons of EasyDrop. There Felix is getting some extra advice from our surf coaches and gets to make use of our video filming so he can watch himself on the screen to analyze the surf technique together with our instructors to improve the way he surfs. This helps him a lot to prepare for the competitions. When he is not surfing or in school he likes to play football, he goes cycling with his friends or skating. He loves listening music and if he gets a Pizza or some chocolate he is totally happy. But of course he also goes to school, at the Centro Educacional de Itacaré. In this way he is also keeping his chances to get a good education and a job later on. As english is getting more and more important he joins the EasyDrop Team at the english classes. Maybe he becomes a surf instructor later and than he can teach all our international clients speaking english already. If you wanna see more of him check out our facebook page or keep an eye open for updates on this blog. Surf Camp Brazil supports Felix

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