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What to take for your surf holiday in Itacaré? Part 2: The Swell & Surfboard

As already mentioned in the first part, Itacaré is an amazing place to visit for surfers and none surfers alike. Beside the unique flora and fauna of the Atlantic rain forest, the stunning beaches and diverse culture, Itacaré is also blessed by a consistent swell throughout the year. No doubt, it is easy to say that Itacaré is a real Sufers Paradise!   Itacaré is located in a region of the Bahian Coast, where the continental under water platforms form a funnel and create a “powerful” and consistent swell all year long. But lets face a fact, the short period waves in the northern part of the southern Atlantic are not comparable in power and size to long distance ground swells found in the southern region of Africa, Indian Ocean and Pacific. However, that does not mean that you will not have a lot of fun in Itacaré! The average wave size during the winter is 3-7 feet and 1-3 feet during the summer month. Although, the possibilities are limited that you are going to break your surfboard or parts of your body, some surf spots have enough potential to provide you with an unforgettable tube ride. Should I bring my Surfboard? That depends on how much risk you want to take to bring your surfboard along. Even though the new “highway” makes Itacaré easier accessible, it is still a long flight and drive to get here. If you are staying with a surf school such as EasyDrop, it is definitely recommended to use there surfboards. It is safer for your surfboard at home and the local instructors know best, which board to use according to your skills and conditions. However, it is not suggested to plan to buy a surfboard in town. The prices are very high and options are limited. Hence, if your are not planning to stay in a surf school bring your own surfboard. What kind of surfboard do I need?

Ha, that’s a tricky question and soon there will be another post investigating that issue in depth. In general one can say that it all depends on how experienced your are. As a total beginner it is recommended to start in a surf school in any case. If you know the theory and got some practice already and don´t want to stay with a surf school, a mini Malibu shape is always a god choice. Most of beginner spots in and around Itacaré have channels, which makes it even for surfer with bigger surfboards very easy to get out to the line up. Additionally the mini Malibu shape provides you with enough flotation to paddle fast and is very forgivable once your standing on the surfboard. As a intermediate or experienced surfer it depends on the season you want to visit Itacaré, but one thing can be said, leave your 7.0 Gun in the garage. It does not matter how big it gets here, most of the time you will be fine with your favorite thruster. Nevertheless, the diverse breaks in the region also invite you to try out your quad or fish. Our experience has proven that all surfers are individual and prefer different designs, shapes and styles.

Once your surfboard is packed safe in your travel bag, ensure that you also enough fin keys (most favorite item to lose on the trip) and all the other equipment listed below . Even though Itacaré has enough shops where you can buy all that stuff, it is quite expensive. If your are traveling during the winter season consider to take spring wetsuit, especially for longer session it will be desirable. However, in general the water temperature is very pleasant throughout the year. Since a few spots are very remote you might surf there only with your friends and the next doctor can be far away. Hence, it is recommended to have a first aid kit in the bag - you never know.

Check List: 

  • Surfboard
  • Spare Leash
  • Spare Fins
  • Wax
  • Skin Zinc (it gets hot)
  • Sun crème
  • Surfer Hut (yes, sometimes it gets really hot!
  • Boardshorts/Bikini
  • Lycra
  • Spring wetsuit (only winter month - if at all)
  • Towel
  • First Aid kit

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