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What to take for your surf holiday in Itacaré? Part 1: The suitcase!

Itacaré is one of the most beautiful places on earth and well worth a visit. Located approximately 260km south of Salvador, the capital of the state Bahia, Itacaré belongs to the Bahian Cacao Coast.   In general there is only one advice for you, travel LIGHT. With an altitude grade just under the equator, temperatures will be hardly under 20° Celsius. During the summer month December to March temperatures vary between 25-35 degrees, while the winter months June to September still provide pleasant temperatures of 20-30 degrees Celsius. What it means: Throw all your winter jackets and pants out of the suitcase and ensure that you have enough beach outfits instead. Even though Itacaré is not considered as very humid for a tropical climate, you are going to appreciate a spare T-shirt rather than a second sweatshirt in your luggage. For those, who are considered to be a “shivering bathtub”, one pair of long trousers should even make you feel comfortable during the winter month. For people who love to go hiking and want to discover the amazing flora and fauna of the Atlantic rainforest it is recommended to bring some walking sandals or hiking shoes. Even though Itacaré does not have a proper rain season you can expect more rain during the winter month. Hence, a thin and light rain jacket should also be on your list. However, the highest priority should be to have enough sun protection. Whether you are watching the surfer from the beach or being active yourself, make sure that you always have enough sun créme! Besides, a sun hut, glasses and a thin shawl to protect you from the sun is highly suggested in order to enjoy more than only one day the stunning beaches from Itacaré. The water temperatures are always pleasant warm so that you can leave your wetsuit at home and bring sufficient sun protection.   Depending on where you are staying it is also recommended to pack some mosquito repellent. While some places have barely mosquitoes it feels at other places that the mosquitoes are on the hunt for 24h a day. However, Itacaré provides enough supermarkets, pharmacies, banks etc. where you can buy all the necessary things you forget at home in town. Unfortunately you will not find a bookstore in Itacaré. If you want to relax and read a book you should bring it or buy it at the airport. If you want to know more about surfing, read the second part of “What to take for your surf holiday in Itacaré?”, which will inform you about the right season and surfboard equipment. Check List:
  • Sun Crème 
  • Hut
  • Towls
  • Shawl
  • Sun glasses
  • Walking sandals/Shoes
  • Light rain jacket
  • Summer clothes
  • Mosquito spray
  • Books
  • Camera in order to take stunning "postcard" pictures

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