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A Surf Camp in Fuerteventura – EasyDrop arrived in Europe!!!

On the first of July, 2012, EasyDrop has moved to Europe and opened its’ second surf school in Fuerteventura, Spain. Let’s have a closer look at what has happened so far and, by the way, why Fuerteventura? With friends, employees and Surf students, EasyDrop opened its’ doors and celebrated the new establishment with a big party, enthusiasm and, of course, a lot of surfing.  Since then, people from all over the world have arrived in order to learn and improve their surfing skills and to enjoy the special atmosphere and vibe of the island. One of the recent highlights was the Hungarian Surfing Championship, which has taken place in Fuerteventura. Being involved in the organisation and implementation of the event, employees and surf students were able to experience the Championship first hand and saw an amazing competition.  Blessed by the weather, the conditions were excellent and the organizer could chose between several well running surf spots. Doesn’t matter if pro surfer or rookie, everybody was stoked by the atmosphere and watched the guys in the water riding incredible waves. The crowd on the beach was caught and celebrated insane manoeuvres with  “wowww” while heavy wipeouts were followed by an common “ah..Ouch”! The operational basis and heart of EasyDrop is the Surf Villa in Corralejo, the surfing “Mekka” of Fuerteventura. The Surf Villa accommodates surf students all year long and provides an unique surfing environment that ensures comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Situated only 50m away from the beach, people can decide whether they want to enjoy the beautiful weather on the beach or relax at the pool of the Surf Villa. It turned out that especially after long and successful surfing days on the beach, the pool area is highly appreciated for small “power chill outs” and “energy refuel sessions” in the afternoon. People who had still not enough of surfing enjoyed afternoon sessions at “Rocky Point”, a brilliant surf spot right in front of the Surf Villa, while the others were watching them from the pool area, appreciating a refreshing drink.  To appease one’s appetite, the fully equipped kitchen as well as the BBQ area was adopted well, creating many nice dinners and evenings together. One of the most popular dishes was “Paella”, traditional Spanish cuisine originated from Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. There are different types of Paella, but the most common one is rice with seafood. Besides, the guests appreciated the several restaurants and bars in Corralejo.   For those who still have doubts about Fuerteventura  here are some facts that may change your opinion. Fuerteventura, also known as the European “Hawaii”, has a Semi-arid subtropical climate and hence temperatures are seldom below 20 degrees Celsius and it hardly rains. The thick winter wetsuit can stay at home since also the water temperature varies only between 18° and 22° Celsius, depending on the season. Not enough yet, the Island provides an average of 3000 hours sunshine a year, more then all the others Canary Islands. The swell, even though bigger during the winter month, produces all year long perfect waves around the island. During the summer months mostly the East Coast was working with its’ beautiful beach breaks, while from September on the North Shore is pumping. Within the protected bays, even beginners can have unforgettable long rides and the intermediates can challenge themselves further outside, experiencing the pure power of the Atlantic Ocean.   How to get there? It is recommended to take a flight from Europe to the international Airport (FUE), close to Puerto del Rosario. Plenty of airlines schedule Fuerteventura daily. A list of airlines can be found at: Fuerteventura airlines    

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